EPIC Board & Staff

The EPIC board is made up of public servants who work in State Government, as municipal and school district employees, as paraeducators, teachers, and school support staff, in the university system, and for non-profits. EPIC members make decisions about how best to engage in the political process, and how to provide political education to their fellow members.

Chair Sandy Thompson-Wallace

Vice Chair - Roz'lyn Grady

Secretary - Marta Mueller

Treasurer Christina Strahm

Harold Pierce

Stephanie Pearson

Gavin Charrier

Lura Noss

Cheryl Derifield

Ted Eischeid

Richard Geiger

Mica Night

Anthony Rickard

Jeff Goldsmith

Nelta Edwards



Robert Thomas

Rita Heselton

Angelica Johanson

Earl St. Clair

Alicia Woods

Sheree Morkal

Sarah Buhr

Abel Bult-Ito

Ellen Fischer

Sharon Chamard


APEA Political Director - Jeff Kasper

APEA Political Organizer - Miguel Rohrbacher